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Features of 'HTC Sense'

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I'm toying with putting CyanogenMod on my Desire HD, but then I'll lose 'HTC Sense'.

Here's what I think the features of HTC Sense are, please suggest any additions or replacements.

launcher/home (replace with ADW.launcher, LauncherPro, many others)

many HTC widgets (only work if you use original launcher, many alternatives in Market)

contacts backup to sense.com (not really needed since we have Google sync)

contact account linking information is stored with Google Contacts so it restores after a reset

dialer app has T9-style searching (many replacement diallers in the Market do this)

something has added calendars for Facebook birthdays and events (probably can get an app to do this?)

text selection draggable markers (are the ones in Gingerbread as good?)

text entry field zoom - needed when there's no trackball

time selector is a spinny fruit-machine-wheel type thing

browser window switcher with previews

power saver mode (there are apps to do this e.g. ToggleSettings)

sense.com phone finder (there are apps to do this e.g. Wavesecure)

quickboot (hibernate)

Does anyone use these?:

HTC Hub, Locations, HTC Likes, HTC Reader, HTC Sync

Bad things:

com.htc.bgp eating up loads of battery (something to do with sync I think)

'init' using 99% CPU unless you turn USB debug mode on

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