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Seth Cold

[ROM] [22/01/11] [[ ColdMOD v1.2 XXJPY | v2.0 XWJS3 ]] - Legendary!!

10 posts in this topic

This is a WIPE ROM, flash it from Clockwork Recovery

Note: version 0.1 to 0.3 only cwm 2.x compatible

Version 1.x and 2.x compatible with cwm 2.x and 3.x


- Compatible with Clockworkmod 2.x AND 3.x !!

- XWJS3 Based (V2.0)

- XXJPY Based (v1.2)

- Latest APN list from CyanogenMod (19/01/11)

- Modem TLJL3

- Glitterballs v.4 Kernel

- Full of Live Wallpapers!! Aurora / Beach / Blue sea / Dandelion / Microbes / Nexus / Nexus S / Ocean Waves + the not so cool ones

- 30 + fonts!!

- Default setup wizard (not the TW one)

- Slightly modified Gingermix V4 theme

- Clockworkmod recovery with voodoo lagfix (disabled by default)

- USB debugging enabled by default

- Modified Phone.apk. no longer ascending ringtone

- Armani Galaxy S Camera: pictures taken with power button, able to shoot with low battery

- Removed FM Radio

- Gingerbread launcher (No more Touchwiz)

- Root

- 4 lockscreens

- Reboot, Recovery and download mode in power menu

- New market pre-installed

- Latest version of Adobe Flash pre-installed

- aGPS default to south america (FasterFix included in sd so you can choose accordingly)

- Voodoo App !!

- Tone Picker to choose MP3 ringtones

- Keyboards:

- Gingerbread keyboard (by default)

- Swype

- Samsung keyboard

- Extra wallpapers in SD

- Default sounds chosen by me

Included apps (besides the google ones)

- AdFree 0.6.4

- Astro 2.5.2

- Barcode Scanner 3.53

- BLN control-free 0.7.1 alpha

- Car home 2.2.1

- Circular Battery Indicator 3.0.2

- Gps Status 3.7

- Home Switcher for Froyo 1.1

- LauncherPro 0.8.3

- LCD Density Changer - Free 1.03

- Market 2.2.7

- Market Enabler 3.1.12

- Quick Boot 4.1

- Quickoffice 3.3.10

- SGS Tools 4.1.9

- Smooth Calendar

- Spare Parts

- Titanium Backup

- Tone Picker 1.0

- VoodooApp 0.1

- z4control 1.0

For spanish changelog/discussion CLICK HERE


Para log de cambios / discusión en español HAZ CLICK AQUÍ!

Screenshots v2.0 (Taken from Captivate version)







[04/01/11] V0.0

Base Rom Darky V8.0

[08/01/11] V0.1

All Versions

- Removed Layar

- Added Titanium Backup

- Added Barcode Scanner

Variant Specific:

- (i9000T and Captivate) Replaced base modem with T959TLJL3 : WCDMA 850/1900/2100 Support (i9000M and Telstra SGS should work too)

- (Captivate) Removed FM Radio

- (Captivate) Added Glitterball's 1-6-11 Kernel

[10/01/11] V0.2

All Versions

- Usb debugging enabled by default

- Silent power on/shutdown

- Added FasterFix (config aGPS server)

- Added HTC Sense-like Wallpaper

- Returned to stock Samsung Galaxy S bootanimation (custom bootanimation.zip supported)

- Removed Nexus Bootanimation

[11/01/11] V0.3 -> Install GingerMix V4 if you like it to look like the screenshots

All Versions

- Added Drocap2

- Added Tone Picker

- Added HTC_IME keyboard (Installable from SD)

- Removed Windows 7 icons

- Android identified as 2.2.1

Credits to docrambone,hardcore, darky,glitterball, mambo04 and whoever they give credits to!

If you feel like you deserve credit just let me know!!

PS: im not responsible for any damage this ROM this may cause... you know, just in case keep a nandroid before flashing

Edited by Seth Cold

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Please WIPE DATA AND CACHE BEFORE installing to ensure it's installed correctly


Current Wipe Version (Approx 169MB)

Current XWJS3 Version [[ ColdMOD v2.0 ]] WIPE (Approx 169MB)

LINK ColdMOD v2.0 i897 Captivate wipe

LINK ColdMOD v2.0 i9000T i9000M Wipe

LINK ColdMOD v2.0 i9000 Wipe

Current XXJPY Version [[ ColdMOD v1.2 ]] WIPE (Approx 169MB)

LINK ColdMOD v1.2 i897 Captivate wipe

Old Versions

LINK ColdMOD v1.0 i897 Captivate

LINK ColdMOD v0.3 i897 Captivate

LINK ColdMOD v0.2 Captivate

LINK ColdMOD v0.1 Captivate

LINK ColdMOD v1.0 i9000T/M

LINK ColdMOD i9000T/M v0.4.1

LINK ColdMOD i9000T/M v0.3

LINK ColdMOD i9000T/M v0.1

LINK ColdMOD v1.0 i9000

LINK ColdMOD i9000 v0.3

Note: version 0.1 to 0.4.1 only cwm 2.x compatible

Version 1.0 compatible with cwm 2.x and 3.x

default is english, you can choose any of the listed languages when the "Touch the android to begin" appears

[[ ColdMOD ]] V1.0 is multilanguage:





















Some cirilic i have no idea... guess greek and russian


i just happened to use spanish for screenshots, next time ill use english


Edited by Seth Cold

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Great !

is the Bluetooh tethering works please ??


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Great !

is the Bluetooh tethering works please ??

unfortunately i have no way to tell... currently dont have data plan ;)


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Hi Seth, I´m from Argentina in my country we use this bands:

GSM 850/1800/1900

3G Network HSDPA 850/1900/2100

will this rom work for me?

regards and thanks for your work


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yes! i9000T version should work, Argentinian i9000 should be the same version as the Colombian, unless you have an i9000B (Brazilian version), in which case i have no idea if it works because of the DVT antenna

if you want help in spanish, click here

Edited by Seth Cold

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i9000T rom tested in i9000M and working perfectly!


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Version 1.2 / 2.0 for captivate is up!!

If you want to try in another model, just ask! ill make it :lol:

will post in all my forums every version i make


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v2.0 for i9000 and i9000T/M is up!


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