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Jelly Fish mod "theme"

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I everyone, it's my first post here, I've made a theme for Jelly Fish rom, it doesn't change to much things, I've changed what I didn't like, some images, icons, graphic images, such as from the dialer, contacts... You extract it and see for yourself, I've made some of my own(like battery icons, smileys, etc...), others I took from other themes, mostly ginger blue.

It is to be applied with metamorph, I don't know why, metamorph is a pain in the a$$ to work properly on this rom(maybe it is with all existing roms for zte blade, I don't know), sometimes it hangs when it starts, others it doesn't apply the changes... I must kill it and run it again several times. By the way, my phone is a potuguese sapo a5.

I've only used it on rls6, but I believe it works on all releases, as it's just images it replaces, i'm gonna try rls7 after.

Here it is for download: Jelly Fish mod

And some screens(some screens have strange artifacts, but that was the screen capture app, that made it).


By joanito at 2011-01-13

And I have a "small" request, if someone can help me, I've tryed to create a splash screen with no success, there are very few threads here about it and they do not have much information, I've tried a couple of apps to convert it to *.rgb565, but do not work, one of them that you must use on command prompt, stops when I run the command, all my attempts gave me a strange splash screen only showing at the bottom all messed up... I've done many for my htc magic, and they came excellent...

I want to make a splash screen from this image:


By joanito at 2011-01-13

If someone could create the splash to flash, I'd be very grateful.

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