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Guide Nandroid backup / restore Liquid Metal?

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I have firmware upgraded and removed application restrictions on my previous Symbian phones, however this is my first Android device and this world is different to me.

Before you ask - yes I have Google'd and trolled through this and other forums, but I haven't found a detailed guide on how to do a Nandroid backup/restore for this device.

Does the phone need to be rooted? If so - what's the best way as, in previous threads there has been mixed reactions to the methods currently available.

Flashing of the firmware looks nice and straight forward, thanks to Vache for posting that info.

So...just really looking for the rooting steps (if required) and Nandroid backup steps.

I assume when upgrading firmware the boot is not affected; so it is easy to simply go into boot again and re-flash another firmware (if anything goes wrong with any future updates).



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Cheers guys, got it all figured out now.

Amonra installed, Nandroid done and copied to my pc.

Phone flashed with Vache's Acer-less firmware.....I now know how this all works ;)

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