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FBL-Froyo r6 circular battery indicator

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Hi. Got bored sometime between midnight and 6, so I swung by UOT Kitchen and convinced it to bake a circular battery indicator, now available for download below.

It was cooked from flibblesan's FBL-Froyo r6's /system/framework/framework-res.apk courtesy of UOT Kitchen (the destructions for making your own for whatever flavour of Android you may be using are in the second link); don't install this version on any distribution other than FBL-Froyo r6.

Download a pre-cooked circular battery indicator for FBL-Froyo r6:


Super Circle Battery (instructions for cooking your own):


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Hm.. does it work with latest FBL r7a? I am scared to try out :P

Did flibblesan modify framework-res.apk for r7a? Can't remember, and the kids won't let me multitask so I can't check the thread, but something's telling me he did. In that case just grab the framework-res.apk from r7a and follow the link I posted to cook your own just to be safe.

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