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setting up an Orange San francisco for use in THAILAND ?

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This is my first post in this forum...

So hello all...

I'm buying a Orange san Francisco for a friend in thailand.. But dont know what needs to be done to get it working there.

connecting to 3g there?, installing thai fonts? etc...

I'm not sure where to start.

can it be done?if so, could anyone supply a few pointers?

many thanks.. theBeade

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Welcome to the site ;)

The first pointer for you is to post over in the Android section of the site :)

You have posted in the Windows phone section by mistake, there is a large community of san fran owners in their own sub-section of the Android site, unfortunately being at work I can not access the Android part of the site.

but to start you off here's a link to the main part http://android.modaco.com/

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