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[APP] WinStart : a start menu replacement

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WinStart - A start menu replacement


Windows mobile 6.5 introduce a new Start menu. Unfortunately, this start menu was not very customizable ... So I decided to recreate the entire menu to make it faster and more customizable.

In addition, the default menu uses a lot of memory (up to 30 MB!). So I tried to create an application that reduces memory consumption (and energy too).

This software is for all screen resolutions (WVGA, VGA, WQVGA, QVGA, square...) and all windows version (after 6.0). You don't need to have Manila on your phone, but the design is a Manila's like...

For more information and download, go to the developer's website : http://charlie-soft.com/Software/Win_Mobil...enu.php?lang=an

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