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Stuck with a old rom.

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Don't know where to start really, I suppose you could say I know too much about the internet and too little about messing around with my phone. My problem is this: I installed a MoDaCo rom ages (probably 6 months ago) and then I kinda forgot about it. I cannot tell you exactly what I did but it involved flashrec and a goldcard. Lately my phone has been acting up and I heard HTC released a update so I figured I'd update my phone all together. My problem now is that I can't get into recovery (because of the pSPL thing I suppose?) and my phones is acting weirder than ever. I was wondering if there is any way I can 1. reset the phone to out-of-the-box settings (I'm doubting this is possible seeing as i flashed the original recovery image) or 2. update the phone to the latest MoDaCo rom. I have already tried factory reset but that only takes me back to the old MoDaCo rom ( MoDaCo custom rom 3.2 core, acording to HTCSync)

tl;dr: can't get into recovery mode, what to do.


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Google for "rage against the cage" (maybe without spaces). It manages to root most Android phones, but you may have to read the small print if the SPL has re-introduced the goldcard requirement.

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