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Nexus S configure Bluetooth

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Great phone but wont connect to parott ck3000 evo

Is it something to do with the following:

Extract from Gingerbread manual pg 66

Configure the Bluetooth features you want to use

Some Bluetooth devices have multiple profiles. Profiles can includes the ability to

transmit your phone conversations, to play music in stereo, or to transfer files or other

data. You can select which profiles you want to use with your phone.

1 Touch & hold the device in the Bluetooth settings screen.

2 Touch Options in the menu that opens.

A screen opens with a list of the device’s profiles.

3 Check or uncheck a profile to use it or not.

4 When you’re finished, press Back .

Does this work for anybody? The only option I get is to 'Unpair'.

Manual here http://www.google.com/googlephone/AndroidUsersGuide-2.3.pdf

Any help much appreciated



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I get the same but using the built-in Bluetooth on my Mazda RX8. The handset will pair but won't stay connected. The only thing I can do is unpair. Pants ;)

All worked fine on a number of previous Android hansets.

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Strangest thing happened.

Got in car this morning set off and after about a minute the NXS just connected to the bluetooth device with no input from myself.

It now connects every time. Connection time does very though from 1 to maybe 5min and sometimes I had to wake it up before it would connect.

At least its usable and offers hope to others that it does work without any 3rd party apps.

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