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Was there a second release of the handset?

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Hey... im new here... but you ppl out there may remember me from the MS forum...

Well... from looking up lots of stuff on smartphone and stuff its seems that many ppl who got the phone last week or early this week had problems with it... but on Sending it back and getting a replacement it has worked perfectly... Could it be that the early ones were a slightly earlier production or had some minor glitches (hardware OR software) wich were sorted out in an "un-publicised" second release?

i havnt got my phone yet... so im just assuming thing s based on what I have read in the forums...

Even the guy in the Orange shop said the same:

ME: "Its a tad bit slow though"

GUY: "Yeh... I noticed that too... I think its this particular handset! The ones we got in a a couple of days ago worked fine... this one was the first handset we got... it was slightly bugged ffrom the start... I think its a slightly different release... slightly bug fixed.... dunno..."

ME: "yehh...! I'll buy it"

GUY: " Sorry, none in stock"

ME: ":("

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There are definitely only 2 releases, the pre-production release, and the production release.

The production release, FYI, is software version:

'Version 3.0 (Build 12255) Radio Version 1.10.00'

(This can be seen in settings->about)


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:shock: Oh!

:arrow: What I mean is that there may have been two different versions of the hardware... like you know in CPU's there are differences found in the week that the chip was made (e.g. week 14 chips are more stable and overclockable than wee24 chips)... knowing the unpredictablillity of hardware... this could be the case with the phones that are being released... Some fones are not working properly: i.e. With moderate use the users find the phone is permenantly locking up {hard reset not working} and some users havnt even had problems yet... even with hardcore use of the phone... ! it just seems a lil bit odd... Circumstantial but odd... I think the stock that was shipped later as in this week had minor revisons to the hardware... That fixed some minor problems that had major effects on the Software!!

Bizarre :?:

Anyone fancy a pint :?:

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