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ZTE blade - where can I get most uptodate 2.2 firmware (safest)

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ztedrool    0


Sorry im a complete novice. I currently have modaco r4 2.1 firmware installed on my phone. I got told if I install firmware 2.2 I can use flash on my phone, is this correct?

If it is correct could you tell me where i can get the latest 2.2 firmware (safest and fully working) and give instructions on how to install it.

Also why is firmware 2.2 better than 2.1, is it faster, better resolution?

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Lew247    4

I've moved this into the right place for this question

The answer is simple just look at all the threads in this section

Take your pick Which you choose is up to you, nobody can say one specific one will suit you best,

it's Your choice as to what You want.

What may be best for one person will not be the best for a different person.

Also as stated Flash will not work with the Blade, Numerous threads about this check the link in the post above.

Unless you stick to 2.1 remove all the orange stuff and then get flashlite which "may" work

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targetbsp    467

In the OP's defense, when you're on 2.1, appbrain and probably other third party market portals strongly suggest that all you need to do to get flash working is have android 2.2. Unfortunately that's not the case. I don't think it's too surprising for someone to come here looking for a 2.2 and then just expecting flash to work. To not even consider looking into whether it will or not.

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