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Customising Modaco 2.1 R4

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I plan to remove the apps I dont need and add those I use to the ROM. The ROM size unzipped is about 142 Meg, is this the maximum size ?

and just to check I am doing the right thing ...

An example is google maps which comes as version 4 in the Modaco Rom, so I download version 5 and back it up with Titanium backup.

This produces a file called com.google.android.apps.maps-(+binary stuff).apk.

So I rename this maps.apk and replace the original one in the ROM ?

thanks .. Mike

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Just for a little further info on this, you can pull your apps directly from /data/app with adb.

Also if you type...

adb shell



...you'll get a list of how full each partition is.

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