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Desire HD MoDaCo ROM - problems and their fixes

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I am posting a list of known issues here with MoDaCo's ROM. I am creating this thread so that my posts don't get lost with all of the other replies in the "30/Dec r2 - HTC Desire HD MoDaCo Custom ROM with Online Kitchen" post. This will be updated with more issues and their fixes as they are discovered.

Yellow - issue

Red - critical issue

Green - fixed


- Wireless stops working upon updating ROM - Only happens rarely - re-download the ROM and re-flash seems to fix

- When applications request root access root crashes - Apply the fix from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=886999

- Protected apps are missing from the market - download fix at: http://goo.gl/v7Lnu - Thanks PapaDocta

- Locations premium Navigation crashes (first found in r1) - am currently looking into a fix

Hopes this helps those who are stuck


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