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DEFY Ear-piece Problem

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I've been looking around for info on the Moto DEFY and came across the thread below which might be of interest to owners or buyers:


Seemingly there is a potential problem with early versions of this phone where the earpiece fails. Moto have fixed this issue in later phones which are marked with: BTxx or BFxx or a Blue Dot on the label inside the phone under the battery.

See: https://supportforums.motorola.com/message/312564#312564

Moto are repairing early models that experience the problem.

Cheers - Y

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Many thanks for the heads up. Like an idiot I am one of these people who rushes out to buy THEN reads all about it. I have BFxx where you say it is but also have taken extra care not to mambo the headphone jack.

Phew (so far)!

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