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request: Dialer/Call-Screen theme

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If you get your hands on the source files, I can have a look into it.

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If you mean the Gingerbread dialer (which this looks like) it's easy to do. Just replace the images in contacts.apk with images from gingerbread contacts.apk

I've themed this for FLB but if you are using JJ you'll have to try and do this yourself as I'm pretty sure the contacts app is different.

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@flibblesan thanks I gave it a try, those images are in Phone.apk drawable ;)

@Toldo theme file http://www.mediafire.com/?kg5uu1xj682c26m, images are there inside Phone.apk

One question, if Devs have compiled Dialer from source, can't we improve its UI, I mean increase the size of display pic, reposition buttons and all? To get something like this http://www.appbrain.com/app/full-screen-ca...drominigsm.fsci ?


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A request, can we get a call screen as in this theme? Its a Eclair theme, can we have something like this for Froyo?


this is a gingerbread theme for (JJRLS8-9)with a few extra.

some apk have been updated with gingerbread icons and anims

now dock icons are gingerbread - edited launcher2.apk

phone apk also edited - new look (like u want)

these two apk are the most conspicuous

default wallpaper has been changed in framework-res.apk and some of the selectable wallpapers also have been changed

The apks are from jjrls8 !


with this u dont need to launcher pro to change dock icons

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