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Gary Crutcher

Deodexed, Zipaligned files for Stock I9000XWJS3

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Stock I9000XWJS3 system/app and system/framework files DEODEXED and ZIPALIGNED.

This is for people who want deodexed files but want to keep their stock

look and feel.


This is for stock JS3 phones as it will wipe out system/app and system/framework before

updating with deodexed and zipaligned files.

This update will need to be installed with CLOCKWORK MOD (CWM) not ODIN.

If you do not have CLOCKWORK MOD, you have 2 choices:

1. Find and install CLOCKWORK MOD (search xda-developers.com)

2. Install the Speedmod Kernel

This is what I am using (ver: speedmod-kernel-k12s-500hz). It includes CWM.

This update will NOT delete any of your data.The only thing you will lose is maybe your background

image as it will revert to the stock background image.

If you have rooted your phone, you will have to re-root your phone afterwards as Superuser.apk is deleted, if installed. Very easy

to reinstall if you have installed the speedmod kernel.

All this update does is:

1. Delete all files from system/app and system/framework

2. Install all original stock files (deodexed and zipaligned) into system/app and system/framework

3. Clears dalvik-cache

4. Clears cache

Instructions (Assumes you already have Clockwork Mod installed):


2. Copy update.zip to /sdcard (you can use adb to do this)

3. Power off your phone


5. Get into clockwork mod by pressing: Vol Up + Home + Power buttons together

6. Select: apply sdcard:update.zip

7. When finished select: reboot system now

8. After phone is booted, shut it down and re-install your sim card

The first boot may take a while as the O/S is rebuilding the dalvik-cache.

As an alternative for those with rooted stock phones who do not want to install CWM:

1. Unzip update.zip using winrar into a temporary directory on your computer

2. copy the 2 folders (app & framework) from the system folder to your sdcard (you can use adb for this)

3. use adb to start a shell, then do an su command to get root

4. in the shell do the following:

a. type stop, then press enter

b. copy /sdcard/app/* to /system/app/, then copy /sdcard/framework/* to /system/framework/

use the cp command for this, not copy

c. type rm /system/app/*.odex, then type rm /system/framework/*.odex

d. type reboot, then press enter

Please provide feedback as I have done extensive testing with this and have had no problems.

See Post #2 for instructions on how to deodex files.

Download: XWJS3 Download

Edited by Gary Crutcher

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How to deodex system/app and system/framework files on a Samsung Galaxy S phone

Many, many thanks to Xeudoxus at www.droidforums.net for his xUltimate application.

Assumes you have a rooted phone (I used this on a JS3_JS3_JPY ROM)

Assumes you know how to use ADB

Please READ EVERYTHING before attempting this.

As always, make a backup of your ROM before doing this in case something goes wrong.

1. Install Java SDK

2. Install Android SDK

3. Unzip deodex.zip (contains update.zip & xUltimate.zip), then unzip xUltimate.zip (has some additional files/folders)

4. Use adb to pull system/app files from phone to local folder app

5. Use adb to pull system/framework files from phone to local folder framework

6. Copy files in local folder app to xUltimate folder origi_app

7. Copy files in local folder app to xUltimate folder comp_app

8. Copy files in local folder framework to xUltimate folder origi_frame

9. Copy files in local folder framework to xUltimate folder comp_frame

10. Open DOS window and navigate to the xUltimate folder

11. At the DOS prompt, type: jar\auto_app (this will start deodexing the origi_app folder)

12. When finished, type: jar\auto_frame (this will start the deodexing of the origi_frame folder)

13. When finised, type zip_em (this will zipalign the the done_app folder

14. When finised, type zip_em2 (this will zipalign the the done_frame folder

15. When finished, copy all the files in the done_app folder to the comp_app folder

16. Delete all the *.odex files in the comp_app folder

17. When finished, copy all the files in the done_frame folder to the comp_frame folder

18. Delete all the *.odex files in the comp_frame folder

19. You are now finished deodexing your system/app and system/framework folders

20. You now have 2 choices to get the deodexed files back to your phone:

a. Do it manually as follows:

open a dos windows

adb push done_app/ /sdcard/

adb push done_frame/ /sdcard/

adb shell



mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system

cp /sdcard/done_app/* /system/app/

cp /sdcard/done_frame/* /system/framework/

rm /system/app/*.odex

rm /system/framework/*.odex

mount -o ro,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system


b. Create an update.zip file (this is where the comp_app and comp_frame folders come into play)

a. use the provided update.zip (use winrar to open)

b. add your comp_app files to the system/app and comp_frame files to the system/framework folders in update.zip

c. copy the update.zip file to your sdcard

d. reboot into recovery and Select: apply sdcard:update.zip

e. when finished select: reboot system now

Please post feedback.

Deodex Scripts & Update.zip

>>>> Donate Here <<<<

Edited by Gary Crutcher

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