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How to turn off wifi/3g connection when the phone is sleeping?

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This may sound a very stupid question. But how do you turn off the wifi/3g data connection in your phone when it is sleeping? I want to lengthen my battery life, so I don't want to receive notification from apps such as gmail when the phone is sleeping. A Notification after the phone comes back from sleep would be enough. I spent few hours looking for this option in settings but I couldn't find it. Or do I have to use a separate app to get this done?

Thanks in advance!!

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I've been using a free app called "batteryfu" for a few weeks now - pleased with it.

You can set it to a schedule such as switch on 3G once an hour, for 2 minutes to check email etc.

At the moment, I have it set to allow a 2 minute 3G connection every 30 minutes, to get emails, and for the 3G connection to be on when the screen is on.

My battery life has improved dramatically - I charge it overnight and with moderate use (calls, texts, emails, facepest etc) I'm on about 85% by the time I get in from work. By the time I'm off to bed, it's down to about 60-70% with wifi use at home and then I charge it again overnight.

I think it might almost do 2 days if I swtiched it off at night - when I first got the San Fran, i was lucky if it lasted while i was at work !!

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