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BBC iplayer on Orange HTC Blackstone (Touch HD)

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Hi all.After tons of web trawling,I am close to giving up.All i want to to is catchup on some bbc radio programmes on BBC i player using my Orange Touch HD.Despite loads of websites claiming the Touch HD is compatible with Iplayer.The orange version is not compatible i believe,cus they've put their own web streaming player on it,which isnt compatible with iplayer. Ideally i'd like to flash an original htc rom on the phone and ditch the orange one,I've used many custom roms on my old kaiser and they were really unreliable.If there is a rock steady rom out there i will flash it...Does anyone have any ideas for me.A thousand thanks.

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Many thanks for the reply.Although im still suffering with the same problem..iplayer v0.2 is only for htc diamond.does not work on touch hd.i get error 404.

And the bbc no longer supports myplayer, i'll keep trawling.Thanks again

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