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Looking for a -simple- step-by-step method for installing -any- custom rom from a stock HTC Hero

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I am looking for a -very- simple step-by-step guide to installing -any- (preferably all) custom roms on any HTC Hero with a stock ROM (I'm assuming that once you have a custom rom on the device, figuring out how to install a new ROM should a piece of cake). All of the guides I have tried so far have failed completly (no, I likely haven't seen the one you're thinking of right now that you know fits my needs -- tell me about it). Apparantly it's a very big secret how to do this, since all of the guides leave out at least one important step -- so far I have figured out that I must have nand unlocked, but haven't found any way to do so, nor any mention or hints about how to do so.

:-( I'm getting bored of 1.6

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