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tom    0

No offense to the poster in question, but I've just noticed someone using the word "horrid."

Does anyone else find that this word particularly irks? There are few other words out there that cause the bile to rise in me so. "Simply horrid!" It makes you want to kill, really, doesn't it? Conjures up pictures of upper-class girls crying over the corked bottle of merlot.

I can just about believe that I'm the only person out there who would set wild dogs on someone for the crime of utterance, but is there anyone else who has such murderous instincts swell on such matters?

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Sarah_SPV    0

Don't even get me started!

OK, I'm started! :) There are certain words which when I hear them get me foaming at the mouth! Now, I'm not a violent person, but when I hear someone say "Crumbs"* they should hope they're on the end of a phone because if I was in the same room as them, in the words of Mo Slater, they'll be murders! I used to work with a woman that would never swear and instead would use the word 'Piffle' when she was annoyed. PIFFLE! I ask you! What kind of world is this when you can't even express yourself without resorting to quoting the 'Famous Bloody Five'?! I'd write to my MP if I knew who he was, and I don't, but if I did I'd make him push through a bill for proper use of the English language!!! It makes my blood boil!!Nurse!!!

I feel better now....

* Penfold excluded.

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benny    0

Yep, there is something seriously unnerving about someone who never swears.

Personally, I find people who don't swear a hell of a lot more irritating than people who do.

Mind you, after a "high stress" day, I do tend to sound like I have mild Tourettes :)


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