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Wireless Tethering

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Hopefully somebody can help me with this issue. (sorry for long post)

Since last week I have been having a problem with wireless tethering on my HTC Hero. I had FroydVillain 1.5 installed and everything was working great. I was running wireless tethering using aNetShare and it worked great.

Then Launcher Pro suddenly expired.

When it expired I rebooted the phone but 3g and all data was disabled. This means that all I got when rebooting was the silly webpage that Launcher Pro gives with a link to download a newer version. But because I had no data access from the phone I could not get past that page. But the issues with this expiration of Launcher Pro are all over the internet.

So I got past the Launcher Pro issue and got ADW Launcher instead. The phone seem to work fine.

But when I connected to my aNetShare wifi from my mac (this all worked perfectly before) it would connect but then drop the connection within about 5 minutes. The mac would remain connected but no data would come to the mac. I could still get emails etc. on the HTC Hero.

If I disconnected the mac from the wifi it would then be unable to find the network again. All other wifi networks on the mac worked fine and the wireless card is working fine on the mac.

I then uninstalled aNetShare and reinstalled it. No joy.

I then upgraded to FroydVillian 1.7.0. Reinstalled aNetShare. Still no joy. I could connect to it from the mac. I could browse to google but within about 3-4 minutes no data would pass to the mac. Yet I could still get data to the phone e.g. emails.

I then uninstalled aNetShare and installed Wireless Tether app. Same problem with this app. Could connect and browse on the mac for a few minutes. Then nothing.

I tried broadcasting on different channels.

Wireless Tether app would only work consistently by creating a bluetooth network - and that's what I am using now.

But I cannot connect all devices via bluetooth.

It seems to be connected to the Launcher Pro expiration but it is very strange that it works for a few minutes and then stops working.

Any ideas anyone?

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