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Have to put widgets on my screens EVERYTIME I reboot.

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For some reason now when I reboot My widgets show 'problem loading widgets' and I have to remove them and re-add them to my home screens, I'm using launcher pro. I have Apps2sd on an EXT4 partition using flibblesan GREAT FLB-Froyo G2 R8a, and have been using an EXT partition from day 1 of getting my phone. I read that widgets have to be on the phone memory or launcher pro wont see them. BUT here's the weird thing they have ALWAYS loaded ok in the past and the last few days have started playing up. Is tehre a way to tell where the widgets are installed ? either phone memory or EXT ? as widgets do NOT show up in appsSD and app2sd see's stuff installed to ext as on the phone.

Can anybody help me with this problem, Thanks

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Have you flashed 0x90 mod? I did and it happened to me too. I removed it and all fine again.

Yep just come to the same conclusion, shame though as 0x90 looked promising

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