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[ROM] ZTE v9/light tablet Stock ROMs

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Cosmote (Greece): ZTE v9

Beeline (Russia): Beeline M2

Optus (Australia): My Tab

Life:) (Belarus): ZTE V9

Telenor (Hungary): ZTE V9

ZTE (Pre-production): ZTE V9

I bought my ZTE in the U.S. from WalMart under the brand Wintec Filemate Light with Resistive screen and Froyo (gen2??). Google's Play Store kept crashing and in the process of attempting to fix it, my tablet froze. I can boot into FTM and attempted to use the Optus MyTab recovery, which worked initially (and still does for a a few hours) but when I reboot the next time, my screen and the three buttons are unresponsive - until I reflash. Obviously this is useless, so I'm trying to flash to a stock ROM. Problem is, I don't know which version to use? Optus also eventually wants a SIM card, but since mine isn't a prepaid, I have none.

Also, I don't know which step to start at as I have no idea what the last recovery has put on. I had TEMP rooted my tablet with z4root in the past and backed everything up with Titanium Pro after the Optus flash. I don't know if the last recovery put any recovery program or ROM manager on my tablet. I am TERRIFIED to flash cyanogenmod as I keep seeing people who have issues with it, like sticking on the startup screen, etc.

Here is a post I made on when I first screwed it up, and how I fixed it - when I thought it worked...


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Hey guys, i need help on getting back to FTM mode (so I can later flash 2.2).. I flashed clockworkmod recovery couple days back and I haven't done a rom dump.. So how to know which one of the stock roms listed are going to work now? And is there any permanent damage that I can do if i try installing, and it comes out to be the wrong stock rom for my zte? I have rooted the tablet already, and I have gen1. Thanks for any help!

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Model Number: light

Android version: 2.3.4

Baseband version: V9B01

Kernel: [email protected]

build number: GB_V9_GENERIC1.0.0B06

Is there any way to root this device? i tried z4/zergrush/doomlord/unlockroot/superoneclick all latest versions but no luck....

when you go inside build.prop the ro.build.type = user

ro.build.user = xuzhenxuan

any help?

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