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Got my blade , flashed FLB-Froyo G2 r9b felt sorry for iphone users :D

Can anyone recommend me best applications for Zte Blade considering it does not have the fastest chipset.

I don't want to make it slower and I don't want to install too many applications which I don't use.


1) ADW Launcher

2) LauncherPro

3) Helix Launcher



1) Beautiful Widgets

2) Fancy widget


1) Skyfire Web Browser 3.0

2) Opera Mini web browser

3) default browser


1) Swype

2) Better Keyboard

3) Smart Keyboard PRO

4) Default stock keyboard


1) PowerAMP

2) Winamp

3) default stock app.







Themes , Tools , Skype , youtube ,facebook , ebay , etc.


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It all depends on what you use the phone for :D

I use LauncherPro, Fancy Widget (see signature), Stock Browser, HTC IME Keyboard and Standard Google Maps Navigation.

Works perfect for what I use it for, but as said it depends what you want from your phone.

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Most of the fun of having an Android Phone is customizing it to your liking, spending 5 hours fine tuning and then changing it to something completely different just because :D

You could have just one screen with 3 or 4 of your most used apps at the bottom and stick a nice big clock at the top - your dock being used for calls ,texts and web access.....this is what alot of people do.

LauncherPro, Quickpic, Dolphin Browser HD, Beautiful Widgets are all very popular on these forums and are a good starting place.

Best advice is to perhaps look at the homescreen thread http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...ur-home-screen/

and get an idea of what you want it to look like - only you yourself know what functionality you need from the phone.

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Although no-one else on here seems to mention it, I like Go Launcher EX. You can make it behave like the stock launcher but stick more apps on each page.

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Titanium Backup



Tapatalk Pro



Theft Aware

Quick boot plus

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Argh! 900i has beaten me to ThickButtons.

Prefect keyboard replacement for those of us with normal sized fingers, not skinny ones like the apple fanboyz :D

Advanced Task Manager

xkcd Browser


New Scientist Beta

All running with LauncherPro

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qq player is good for videos that are not supported by the stock player, but can be slow got for larger files.

I love frankish's "blue ginger bread thin circle mod" theme.

Set cpu is amazing for roms with over clock (eg. flb and jj) (691 without any reboots)

tubemate us good for downloading youtube videos at a preferred resolution (480x270)

Metal detector its accurate and fun, especially when you can make it insult apple.

vm heap tool for adjusting your heap size (mines 48)

The quadrant, neocore and linpack apps for benchmarking your phones speed.

Wheres my droid is a great app which makes your device ring its loudest (even on silent) when a predefined text is sent to it.

Please update your list as people add apps as replies to save others having to navigate too far.

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Zeam launcher

Smart keyboard pro

Fancy widgets 1.3

Opera mini

Toggle 2g/3g ( root )

Juice defender


Widgetzoid ( awesome )

Astro file manager

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Essentials for me:

LauncherPro - Much much faster than stock

Gingerbread keyboard - Nice to type with

Juice Defender - Much better since the update

Fancy Widgets - Handy indeed

Astro File Manager - Excellent, never a time when I couldnt do something

Dropbox - Send links, pictures, files to your pc instantly and hassle free

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I use the Modaco rom r12 which I think is well worth the money and frankly it behaved alot better than the others you can get.

I use launcher pro but also like ADW ex which I recently installed on my Android tablet.

For Nav I use co pilot and have never had an issue.

Video wise its rockplayer and the stock video prog.

Astro File Manager very good.

NoLED is super handy.

Evernote is great to share things from and from tablet , pc and moblie.

Titanium backup is essential imo.

Ultimate fav is great for home screen app launching

Reboot - very useful

App 2 SD - essential!


Handcent for sms

Aldiko for ebooks

Adobe reader for pdfs

ADVERTISING SPAM for free stuff :D

Dialer one for dialer

Car locator

Fake call me pro for getting out of trouble :)

Fruit ninja for entertainment!

iFitness for all my gym stuff

Talk to me for voice language translation

Tricorder for fun :D

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