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[FIXED] Market force closing on flb 9b

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Flb has always been a very stable rom for me and I have never had any issues with it. However, after restoring a bacup of it I have been unable to download content from the market, as it keeps force closing. I have even installed it and installed the version available from the modaco software forum, but get exactly the same results;

border closes can occur anywhere from opening the app to trying to view an app on the market, it will never go further than this. Force closes always occur when navigating to something, never when I leave it be.

cheers in advance :D

Edit: wiped data and cache and reinstalled the ROM. Strangely the power widget found in the notification bar of CM7 still remained after restoring the backup i made of flb (before I installed cm7). I assumed you Luke not to wipe data before restoring a backup...

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