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Ubuntu Linux 11.04 (natty) on Vega (update 13/4)

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<br />Anyone tried WINE? with that u can run windows programs on linux, it should also be possible for the ARM architecture<br />
<br /><br /><br />

Wine does not emulate CPU. You will not be able to run native windows programs without recompiling them as winelib.

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Hello to all,

I don't know if you're aware of this, but there is now a very nice beta version of Ice Cream Sandwich available for the Vega. Some of us would really love a Vega that could dual-boot Ubuntu and ICS, so I tried out the instructions in this thread and it works well using the image in the first post. We could really use some skilled help in updating this image, or preferably creating a new one. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is due for release next month.

We also really need a multi-boot bootloader, at the present moving from android to linux and back again is a little clunky. There is an open-source bootloader, called U-Boot, that has been ported to Tegra2 devices and we need volunteers to help with that.

As I mainly use Tabletroms these days (although MoDaCo will always be my first love) I have started a new thread there that you may like to visit.




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Real noddy here folks, had a dell inspiron 2200 running ubuntu, sadly she's now died. Have an Advent Vega Tablet that I wish to install ubuntu on. Facilities available are my sons Dell Inspiron 1300 running XP. Is there anyone out there that can explain to a novice how to install ubuntu on the Advent Vega tablet. Real idiots guide might be required... ;-).... a true believer in Ubuntu.... Would appreciate a "buddy" to get me up and running..... Functional Tablets with cloud storage are surely the way of the future..... TY

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I gave this a try, after the normal medeling with Ubunto, downloading the PT files etc etc, i tried adding a new user, from command line.

Bad idea, few groups. Wicd could not run with this user... so i added the user via vi /etc/group to a bunch of groups.

Now, somewhere i must have badword up, because Network Manager is working out of the box.

WxDial is not working, arm libs lack a funcion the WxDial uses, aparently debian's wxdial will work. WIll try.

After ALL this, i'll see about Bluetooth and Sound... no hopes though... i'm rather newb.

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