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CM7 progress

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I am considering moving from MoDaCo FroYo r12 to CyanogenMod 7, I was just wondering what's fixed and what's not in terms of hardware etc. I am fully aware there is a changelog and a bug tracker, however I was wondering if someone could sum it all up in this thread as I am still unsure, I would appreciate this, I'm not looking for a perfect ROM, I'm just looking for the most complete and preferably gingerbread ROM.


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huh? They sum it up pretty well on the first page of the thread!


What haven't we got/ What's still broken?

*5mp only shoots Black and White photos

*Random Touchscreen Freezes

*Variable battery draining

*Data connection established when turning wifi off, make sure to check and turn data off after using Wifi

*FM Radio may be out for a while

*Apps with libs included within them, Angry Birds for example won't start when installed on the SD card. Simply move these apps to the phone for them to work.

*Many other small niggles that can be seen on the CyanogenMod Issue Tracker, it's of paramount importance that you look there

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