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spb mobile shell 5.0 beta on galaxy tab (a short review)

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hi friends

spb mobile shell 5 beta is leaked now...

and i got it working on my galaxy tab

and want to share few things...

first thing i want to say about it.... is just an improvement of carousel

first what you gonna miss...

this new version has many options missing

there are no spb add widgets panel at button (the one it has is just for android default widgets), no launcher button at bottom, no contact panel button, no setting button at right corner

widgets are very limited

no 3d email and sms viewer (like in win mo version it has)

no app launcher menu

no search widget *(you can use android search widget)

no theme color changer

no task manager

no landscape mode support

what new

3d carousel is fully animated

some new widgets like animated weather*(just like htc sense), time zone, flickr photo widget(which is less usable for me), new calender widget,

now you can rename carousel panel

* both android and spb widget working together on spb mobile shell 5.0

* Great Thing it also support live wallpaper

well my friend i'll hv to stop here

more things about spb mobile shell 5

i'll update later

but you can ask anything about spb ms 5 thanks

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Maybe you should supply a link to show what SPB Mobile Shell and/or Carousel actually is?

I'm guessing some form of advanced launcher.

Edit: Had a quick look at SPB.com, looks to be quite similar to HTC sense but with even more CPU-draining eye-candy, and a large $29.95 price tag for the WinMo version. Signed up for the beta anyway, could be amusing to play with.

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