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n0p's DOSbox PPC

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i've got problems with n0p's great DOS emulator (0.73, I tried other versions too). I've been using it happily on my HTC Hermes, now I bought SE Aspen that can work only in portrait mode. When I run it, it runs somehow in landscape with graphics totally distorted. so the program itself works (i can type "exit" to quit) but I can't switch it to other mode. Is there any solution for me? On n0p's homepage he states that "you should switch SE devices to portrait mode" but my device is portrait mode only (if I'm getting it right). I tried editing dosbox.conf with no result. I tried Wall's pDOSbox and I had similar problem with it, I could see only very limited area of command line. If someone could help me I'd be really glad. Because I NEED some DOS applications :]

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