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Omnia i8000

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Hi all here. I have a Samsung Omnia i8000 Icon running on Windows Mobile 6.1. This phone as defualt comes with 8GB memory plus I have added another 8GB MicroSD card to it boosting it to 16GB which is ample of RAM for what I need it for.

Recently I have been having probs with it and it keeps coming up with an error saying " Storage memory is critically low. If the storage memory is not increased, other progranms may not be able to start, use File Explorer to delete files that are no longer needed or move some files to the storage card:.

Now I also know when I ever download a software/file etc etc from the net, it goes into a download folder (by default) but I cannot seem to locate this folder, thought I am sure it does exist.

My other question here is when even I install a program and ask it where to install to, eg My Storage or Memory Card, dont know why but it seems to me the program is not installing there by default and keeps installing itself into main memory, can I switch or charge a program that is already installed in the main memory to the My Storage or the Storage Card.

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