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Apps2sd help !!!!

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Hi guys,

recently I've tried to install full apps2sd in my phone using 'autoapps2sd by joestone'. I can only use option 1 (standard apps2sd). If I use option 2 (standard apps2sd+cache), 3 (standard apps2sd+apps data) & 4 (full apps2sd) then my phone becomes unstable. I also can't install NFS Shift game in my mobile. i use android 2.1 official rom. Is there any way to get rid of this problem? I'm really missing NFS Shift :-(

I used to doing only some partitioning tweak to install apps to sd card before. Then I flashed my phone to cyanogen & now using again stock rom. I can't remember how I did the partitioning tweak to install apps to sd. I just remember that I made 2 partition fat & ex2, i never used any software like apps2sd or links2sd to install apps. After rolling back to the stock rom I made thoose 2 partition again & this time it's not working. I think something is missing what I did before.. I got this tweak by searching randomly. Does anybody know this tweak??

Help is appreciated :-)

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I'm just surprised !!!!! Nobody can provide me any solution here!! what's really happening!! OMG

Calm down, you will never get an instant answer here.

What you need to do is leave your phone at the lockscreen and run the .bat file again, select "Remove app2sd" it should go through and remove it and reboot. Once it reboots go to the Market and download "Link2SD" Open it up, and select the partition you have (in most cases its ext2) then you will need to reboot the phone. After rebooting open Link2SD again and select an app. It will then give you the option to link it to the sdcard. There you go, now your phone will have 2.2-like apps to sd, so it doesnt move ALL apps, but only ones you want. NOTE: I recommend not moving Launchers (Like ADW.Launcher, LauncherPro etc.) and Widget apps (Beautiful Widgets, Fancy Widget etc.) as they willl have undesired effects on slower SD cards, so just leave them on your phones memory.

Hope it helps,


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