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[ROM] Made a small lite rom for the P500

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Presenting the the Optimus G. Despite its name, it's for the P500 Optimus One

It has the following specs

Rom based on EU V10C




mik_os 1.1 kernel with lagfix

jit on

hw acceleration off

Launcher Pro

Circular battery and some other fix to the theme

Added Reboot and Recovery to the powermenu

Hostfile updated to remove adds

No App2sd

This is a lite rom, install what you need from the market. If you want to OC, download the setcpu and install/run




First of all you need a recovery installed on you phone, check this thread

Reboot into recovery using Vol down + home + powerbutton

Partition the sdcard with 0% swap 0% ext and 100% Fat32 (optional)

Wipe all

Flash the Optimus G rom

First boot will take some time.

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