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Touch Key Brightness app (restoring on boot)

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PaulOBrien    1,450


I've created a little app that lets you set the touch key brightness, but most significantly, restores your settings on boot.

It's 99p and you can find it in the Market.

Just to give some background for those who like to hack around... the backlight value is read / written at '/sys/devices/platform/star_touch_led/wled'. The normal values made available are 00-20, you can program higher but it's probably not a good idea! :D

The default level can also be changed in the kernel.



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yeah very cool man, would it be possible to write a program, that makes notifications with the softtouchkeys? Like noled ( but with the keys? would be really great to have something like that

2nd that. Using the backlight of capacitive button as notification indicator. Really need that.

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9mmBullet    0

Hi Paul, where would I find that file/directory, do I have to download the Korean source from LG?

[edit]Ah, it seems I need to access it as as shell command... this Linux environment will take some time to get to grips with! :D

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