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You are a football coach? You do not always have the opportunity or desire to have a comprehensive workbook with you? So, since you have a cell phone on you, be always at your hand a complete list, with pictures and details of possible exercises to achieve ... and even prepare for your sessions!

The interface is very intuitive, quick to take charge. To view details or make a double-tap on the exercise you want, either click on the icon with arrows rotating.

To change the language, simply hit the planet. Available languages are french and english.

You can list, sort the various exercises, then, for each, see the details, pictures, equipment needed, duration, objectives, ...

Version 0.5 comes with 21 exercises pictured and detailed, from the websites of football. Thank you to them for having made available.

The various data on the exercises (as ,...) are in the file exos.xml which is in the directory "datas of the application, and images mentioned. You can easily and readily, add, delete, correct, complete, ... the list of exercises and pictures. Supported formats are -jpg, .gif and .bmp

You can also change the language between English and French; Note however that this does not change the language for exercises, you have to have them in the language you want.

(sorry, google translation)

Configuration / Compatibility:

When first installed, you may need to have to restart your phone.

Installs without problem on the SD card or the secondary memory.

Language: English, French

Version: 0.5

Publisher / Creator: corwin

Resolution: certainly from WQVGA (240 * 400) to... everyelse !

Operating System of Mobile: Windows Mobile 6.x



WebSite : http://www.i900playeraddict.com/corwin.php...t=evb_footcoach and http://www.i900playeraddict.com/i900_forum...f=51&t=3068 and on XDA : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1013858


- thanks for the icons I used, I like them soooo much! So tx to RoostyCity

- thanks to my beta testeurs, Route66 and MondeoST

Following versions

- executable to edit the exos.xml file directly from computer. Already a great THANK to deedee for what she do (well... so the whole editor !)

- iPhone version

- Androïd version

Download: last version certainly maybe found on XDA or directly on my webiste (see links below)


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