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SD card setup

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I've got some odd things happening with my SD card and am a bit confused about formats etc... Basically I'm currently using my old SD card from my Hero which I originally formatted using the Hero/Amon Ra recovery so that there was no Ext or swap partition and the rest was FAT. CWM didn't recognise this partition at all so I then went back to the Hero and created an Ext2 partition and then converted it to Ext3 which CWM recognised.

Now the phone seems to recognise the non-Ext3 partition strangely - in Settings > Storage (or similar) it shows my external SD storage as expected but other applications don't seem to. For example on the front screen in Titanium doesn't show the external card at all and I'm sure that it used to on the Hero. When restoring my apps from the Hero it seemed that Titanium found them all OK. Similarly I used Daily Road Voyager and it would only try to save the video files to the internal SD card and cannot see the External one for some reason.

I expect that the best thing is to just format my card completely but I'm unsure exactly how to do that.

Any help?

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When mine was a real mess I used Paragon Partition Manager on my PC (SD card in adapter in USB hub) to sort it out.

It will preserve the data but it's always best to back it up on your PC first anyway.

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