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[MOD]external sd card under /mnt/sdcard

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For those of you that want to use the external sd card on /mnt/sdcard so you can have more space for apps2sd try this.

Try at your own risk.

1. download http://pastebin.com/34AeL00L and rename to vold.fstab

2. open up terminal and navigate to the location of that file



adb remount

adb push vold.fstab /etc/vold.fstab

adb reboot

It worked for me, however i am not sure it will work for everybody because i dont know if the vold.fstab is created dynamically.

I would appreciate it if you could:


adb shell cat /etc/vold.fstab

and post the result here.

P.S: It 's not my idea, but' of a user of another forum that could make a turn to little internal memory 5 gb.For me it 's a great idea and I would like to know what you think, especially the great PAUL;-)

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and if you repartition the internal 5 gb sd, uniting it with the 3 gb (total 8 gb) x apps and remained free on 20Mega only 7.40 gb total? So that does not see the remaining 20mb that we care? So we could install ;-) Maybe all the externalSD 32GB ......

sorry for English not very well written.

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