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Upgrade to Liquid MT

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Hey Guys,

I currently am using an Acer Liquid E. I've loved it, but my son managed to get a hold of it and do some painting on the LCD I actually can't get off. I was looking to upgrade this summer anyway.

Rogers currently sells the Liquid Mt @ $400.00. I'm wondering if it would be worth the upgrade in general opinion? I know its not as powerful but I love the community behind it, and not really sure if I'll get the same on other phones all the time.

Anyway, if users could offer their 2 cents.

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Also me was a Liquid user and I'm happy to be now a Metal user :)

Performance looks very similar "on the paper" (sorry for my english I'm not sure this is right), but in reality Metal is most most fast instead old Liquid..

Has a real multitouch that accepts up to 4 fingers simultaneously, has a louder audio (old Liquid has a very low speaker) and as you said there is a good community that can help you on every problem you could have..

Metal could run without problem up to 1600 Mhz (it's the double of original frequency) and has (to me) a very better battery duration..

About double of old Liquid..

And It has a good price :)

Also Acer assistance is very good and will release gingerbread with 2.6.35 kernel soon :)

There's already a leak..

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I have similar opinion as davidevinavil :)

I also upgraded from Liquid(A1) and I´m very happy with it, the speed it much much better, also GPU is prepared for new games :)

Liquid was fine, but 1st gen snapdragon CPU is at the edge of usability now, and no incoming software updates..It´s time for Metal :)

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