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Switching Vol+/Vol-

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is there a possibility to change the mapping of the keys?

If you rotate your Metal to landscape-mode, you'll notice, that the Soundbars of the Android UI will go from left (silent) to right (loud), while the Vol+ Button is still at the left. (Assuming the buttons are at the top, not at the bottom. Having them at the bottom doesn't make sense to me.)

If there is a way to change this, we can use a BroadcastReceiver to listen for ACTION_CONFIGURATION_CHANGED and launch an activity to check the current orientation to adjust the mappings. (or, we listen to any proper screen-orientation-related Broadcast...)

Of course this concept doesn't work if such a change would require a reboot.

Well, if you use the camera app, you'll notice that the zooming functions suit the mapping.

I'm interested in your thoughts. Acer support couldn't help me, or doesn't want to understand.

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