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Connected Media Player

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I'm using the UK leak of 2.2 on my rooted defy.

In the connected music player, when using the 'what's playing' function to identify a track, when I click on the track and attempt to buy it via Amazon MP3, it comes up in $ instead of £ and the request fails with an error ending with 'Non-allowed country code'

Any help?

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well that sux!

yeah some of the apps or widgets are american. i also have the leaked uk froyo & amazon mp3 is missing, so i download it, it says "amazon mp3 uk", but still in connected music app it takes you to the american $. So is a real PITA!

so yeah. identify the song then go to the amazon mp3 uk app to buy it.

watch out for weather widgets too! one of them only shows america which is great because there is a town of the same name there too :)

personally i won't give amazon the time of day (wikileaks) & i find shazam gives better results.

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