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Xbox pad support in Advent Vega

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Hello there I wonder if anyone can help me, I've been messing on for ages trying to get my Xbox360 wired pad to work with emulators (Tiger) on my Advent Vega with Honeycomb, when I go into connectbot and I've followed the instructions in first post it comes back saying "invalid module format" I'm pulling my hair out here can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong please?

The leds on the pad are flashing, when I go to configure it's saying press the button, then I press the button, the box goes off as if it recognised the button press but still says <none>.....

Thanks for looking...

EDIT: I've been trawling Google for ages but it might as well be in Japanese... Loads of stuff about Linux, not a lot relating directly to the Vega. I'm lost. Is there a newer version of the xpad.ko file that will be compatible with my version of honeycomb? It says it is Android Version 3.2 and Kernel Version [email protected] #3 Build number VC 3.2 Build 9n

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