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Debranding Optimus / Orange Hero to install 2.1 original

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HEllo everyone.

I am a rookie in android SO and i recently bought a HTC hero from optimus / orange operator. It came with cupcake version.

A friend already removed the sim lock and rooted the phone.

Already i read and leran how to make gold card.

I would like to have now is a step-by-step guide in order to debrand my phone an install the original 2.1 version from HTC. :mellow:

what rom (original and generic) should i install to have 2.1 version?

How to do it, with goldcard inside cellphone?

It is possible to go back?

I have read in Q&A that some orange phones, whem the debranding is done, loose the network due to some radio network imcompabilities... how can i know if that is or is not my case? is possible to solve that? How?

I would be greatful for all the help someone could give me. :o

Many thanks


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