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Bugs and missing features

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I'm loving my SGS2 but there are a few features missing that i'd really like to get.

Can any of you clever DEV's help out please? :mellow:

Call recording: AllCallRecorder says recording the other party is not supported. I believe this is kernel related? ( Or it was on my HD2)

Bluetooth Tethering: 'Wireless tether for root users' reports that the phone is in an unknown state when you try to turn on BLUETOOTH pan tethering.

BUG?: The GPS accuracy never seems to go lower than around 12M even in wide open space/clear sky. Therefore in navigaton, the triangle always has the large blue accuracy circle. If i place my other phone next to the SGS2, it locks onto the same amount of satellites but GPS accuracy goes down to 2M.

Have you guys found the same kind of issues?

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For those interested, it seems the app 'call recorder' with the green android icon on the market seems to record the calls properly! It works with a headset plugged in too so it isn't recording of the speaker

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