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gt-p1000 gps problem

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So, after upgrading and following the intruction found on the forums, i have encountered a rather irritating problem, i wanted to use my gps whenever im out of my house but it doesn't seem to be able to connect. I've tried system factory restore through clockwork recovery mode but to no avail. Also tried updating through samsung apps. But it just says that it was unable to install the app update. Thus searched more in the forums found that i have to delete the unaservice.apk tried and deleted using exfile explorer. Also failed. Couldn't update the app always saying that it was unavle to install it.

My gtab is already rooted and is on ext4 bought it here in the philippines. So now i solely rely on wifi connections only.

So if anyone could help me with my problem it would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, i upgraded from a stock rom used titanium backup in the process.

Thanks in advanced. Ü kuletako327

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Ok, now i found out a new problem. I can connect to a gps satellite. But when i try data transfering and open the browser i cant connect to my service provider's internet i enabled the gps, and packet transfering in setinga. But it cant connwct to the 3g/internet.

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