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SGS II & Tethering ...

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Hey Guys,

I just got my SGSII last night and set up all my APN settings.

I copied them from my old ACER LIQUID E for FIDO.

Now, when I connect to my laptop using Tether, it works perfectly and speedy for about 5min, then stops.

I have to then disconnect the tether and re-enable to get it back - ever few minutes!

Coming from the acer which worked perfectly and my old S omnia HD which also worked flawlessly, Im at a loss.

I need tether for work and my APN settings are right (or so I think)

Does anyone know what the problem is? or how to fix this issue?

(PS also had this issue w/ my samsung jack 2 years ago)

I heard that this was a problem on some froyo droids a while ago - solution does not aply to galaxy s II.

Thanx in advance for any help or info :unsure:

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UPDATE - The only way to stop the phone from disconnecting internet when tethered is to chose wcdma only (3g) option instead of 'auto'.

Im guessing that this is a bug in the SGS2's firmware as I have both a SGS1 and Acer liquid and they work perfectly.

Would be cool if someone else could confirm this and hopefully one of these current firmware updates will fix this.

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