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USB Mass Storage Mode not working after Cyanogenmod V7 install with S2E (Apps2SD)

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Hi everyone,

I installed Cyanogenmod to my phone a little while ago and also the program S2E (apps2SD), however now when I plug in the phone on the laptop that I did the rooting, etc... on the phone/SD Card does not get recognised as a drive so that I can copy files across!! The only way to get stuff on at the moment is to switch the phone off and plug in the MicroSD into a USB adaptor which is a pain as the phone has to be turned off to do it!!

I took my USB cable into work and tried it on the work PC and the SD card showed up fine as a separate drive on there so I can only presume that it is something on the laptop that is causing a conflict somewhere??

I did do a search on here and google and found that some peoples problems were fixed by 'fixing the permissions' in the ROM Manager. I did tried this but the problem still exists.

Has anyone come across the issue that might be able to give some guidance please??


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Hey dude! I got the same problem..

Im not using Apps2SD but i moved most off my apps manually form the phone memory to the SD Card... And i did a Titanium backup of all my apps+system apps..

Since that i can't use USB mass storage.. and my phone is rebooting :(

Im trying to Fix the permissions, but its taking a long time.. I guess the only thing you have to do is to un-install ALL yours apps and re-install them all..

I guess the problem comes from the apps.. When we plug the usb wire, the SD card is UNMOUTED and the apps are stopped while they are running, and the phone is bugging.. thats my guess

Sorry for my bad english

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