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Windows Remote Desktop Help

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hi everyone here

i today tired to use the remote desktop mobile on our device but i am not successful

so need all your help

I have installed the add on cab in the Daskalos Armani v3 Rom of wm6Remote desktop

i havent tried it before

i have a modem with broadband connection

the ip address of my pc is 192.168.XXX.XXX

(it is static ) i dont change

and the router /modem is having ip like

the external ip is different .

i have an administrator account with password


1. have forwarded the Port 3389 tcp/udp in the modem (it is open now)

2.tried using by

computer:IP ADDRESSS (192.168.xxx.xxx)

username:Administrator(its the username)

password:(my password for pc )


then tried to connect it with usb attached in the pc and active sync connected (didnt work just stays on connecting...)

then used the network 3g dont work just stays on connecting...

So i need your help should i try it on wm 6.1

can we use it though Blue tooth without internet????? when i am just sitting near and using it as remote control for movies...

i have remote contol app and it works with the usb attached , but dont work without usb with 3g connection

plz help

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One and half year ago I had similar problem, there was any Remote Desktop appl. for B7610.

Somebody gave me link for RDP app for WM 6.5.

I'm still using it, so there is no problem.

You can dl it from this directory (browsing enabled)


Hope you will be successful :P

Considering domain, if you have only local network(usually called WORKGROUP), let it empty.

If you fill only IP address, you'll get to remote desktop screen of remote computer, where you have to insert logon name and password

Considering 3G, can you telnet from mobile to 3389 on remote computer? You can use putty.exe from mobile device

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hey thanks a lot dear . your this app works .thanks a lot.

but ia m getting it to connect to the usb cable then only i am able to use it. is there any way that i can connect it to intrenet of phone.

but thanks a lot .

i a writting this reply with thisonly .


is that my internet of phone is not working good or what . thanks

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