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Two quick questions about DHD

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Hi all

About to upgrade my ZTE Blade to a device with a bigger screen. Am thinking of the Dell Streak, with the 5" screen. Aside from build quality it seems OK. However, I just caught on to the idea of the Desire HD, and aside from the screen being a bit smaller, I can already see that this is the better phone.

I have a couple of questions that I couldn't find the answers to using search:

- is the screen really big enough to comfortably read ebooks (I was assuming the 5" screen on the Steak would just about replace an ereader, but not so sure about the 4.3" screen) ? Does anyone find it comfortable for reading books on ?

- has anyone had experience of using both the Dell Streak AND the Desire HD ? If so, I'd really appreciate comparison comments.

- lastly, I can find the Desire HD for around £200 secondhand in France (slightly less if I use an online classified site). Are there any common problems with Desire HD that should make me wary of buying secondhand at what seems almost too cheap a price of €200 - €250 (as I said about £200) ??

Thanks in advance

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