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Another "bricked my Galaxy Tab" thread :(

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Hi people,

I have just got a Galaxy Tab just for kicks. It's a P1000L brazilian one.

I want to unbrand it (it's Claro branded, the operator took out Gmail and Gtalk, also assigned search to Yahoo instead of Google), so I have talked to a friend which also has a Galaxy Tab, same model, but unbranded, all Google apps inside.

My FW is (or was :P ) P1000LVJJJ4, and his FW is P1000LVJJM9, so I went to this thread, downloaded the P1000LVJJM9 FW, PIT file and ODIN 1.3.


I have read about the process and started doing it. Here's what happened.

I haven't checked the partition option, just put the PIT file and the FW file in the correct fields, put my Tab in download mode, clicked start... and after some time, almost at the end, ODIN failed. My Tab got stuck in download mode, yellow triangle. I got it disconnected from the USB cable, than put it again. Restarted the process, but ODIN got stuck in setup connection.

I took my Tab off the usb cable again, it was still stuck in download mode, yellow triangle. Pressed the power button for a while, it has turned off completely. Now it's bricked, maybe dead. No life signal, nothing happens when I press any button or button combination, nothing is shown when connected to the charger or USB, not recognized in KIES and ODIN, can't enter recovery mode, nothing at all.

Is there any hope for me? What can I do to solve this? I'm kind of desperate here... :´(

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the tab is very hard to actually brick turn on with volume down held and just keep doing it till goes into recovery mode ; volume down is the part of the volume key closest to the power button

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