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[ROM][GingerBread]CM7 working on Gen2 ZTE Light/V9 [2011-08-15]

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I have a optus ZTE V9 unlocked tablet running with android 2.2. can u please instruct me to upgrade it to the latest possible android version ( 2.3 or etc) ???

u can also reach me at [email protected] or pradeep.vpk in fb


Use Clockwork recovery v4.0.0.2 or later: http://android.podtw...y.php?device=v9

NOTE: This app installs Clockwork v4.0.0.8 for you: http://www.mediafire...mhueppg4idy7574


  • NOTE: Only for Gen2, ie devices that have been upgraded to 2.2 (If you want to upgrade to Gen2, repartition to a CM7 optimized layout and install CM7 at the same time, go here: http://android.modaco.com/topic/342556-repartition-nand-for-optimal-cm7-setup-2011-08-15/)
  • This is a build that corresponds to a "nightly" but it is highly unofficial!
  • Use Google apps from here: http://goo-inside.me/gapps/
  • Download 2011-07-11: http://www.mediafire...11v8jvnym999f7w
  • Download 2011-07-15: http://www.mediafire...wmqhpcb98189ls9
  • Download 2011-07-17: http://www.mediafire...06i64kbzc509vpp
  • Download 2011-08-15: http://www.mediafire...a2lmasbzb4tjznq
    • 2011-08-15 - BT & Wifi can now coexist (stop both and start BT first if you have problems). Calibration is now controlled by kernel. Should make it work fine with capacitive screens again. New app for calibration and gesture emulation tweaking. It can also be used to turn on and off USB charging. Two finger rotation emulation can now also be done. Done just like the pinch-zoom emulation but on the other axis.
    • 2011-07-17 - CM7 now has PAN support (bluetooth tethering) so I think it was worth syncing and compiling a new version.
    • 2011-07-15 - Merged FM radio fixes (fixes battery drain) and camera fixes from the Blade project (Thansk TomG). More tweaking to the "slide-zoom".
    • 2011-07-11 - Changed the pinch-zoom hack to work a bit different. Gives better control but isn't exaclty pinch-zoom anymore. Slide two fingers in parallell up or down like this:
    • 2494d1310460275-zte-light.jpg
    • 2011-07-08 - Added experimental pinch-zoom support. Far from perfect but should be good enough to make Angry Birds zoomin work.
    • 2011-07-03 - Custom kernel with overclocking and extra scaling governors (interactive & smartass). Also both kernel and CM are now compiled for VMSPLIT_3G. This means that old kernels (pre 2011-07-03) is NOT compatible and must not be used
    • 2011-06-27 - FM Radio & USB tethering (all thanks to the development on CM7 for the ZTE Blade), updated proprietary libs with new versions from TeliaSonera official 2.2 upgrade.
    • 2011-06-15 - "Recent apps" now makes use of the full resolution of the screen.
    • 2011-06-06 - Backgrounds are now highres. Rotary lockscreen correct size (and turned on by default). Android keyboard height increased. (Been reusing stuff invented for the Nook color CM7 port)
    • 2011-05-31 - Install works fine (at least for me) but it needed some more /tmp space in Clockwork (se above).
    • 2011-05-29 - This version really should work to install without running out of space on /tmp in Clockwork.
    • 2011-05-28 - Fixed the installscript that was broken i the last version.
    • 2011-05-27 - Removed hdpi graphics. Telephone audio should now always be routed to external speaker.
    • 2011-05-25 - Touchscreen calibration support and also added ldpi and hdpi bitmaps (for those who experiment with different LCD densities)
    • 2011-05-21 - Better autobrightness levels and lockscreen disabled by default.
    • 2011-05-20 - Inital version

    Tips & Tricks

    [*]Go into Settings and CyanogenMod Settings and turn on the 180 degree rotation.

    Sources: https://github.com/kalltkaffe

    For AHB overclocking install this update! (Do NOT use this with previous (pre 2011-08-15) versions): http://www.mediafire...gnzrr154xw3xk8e NOTE: This is an optional update that overclocks the AHB bus with 50% (increases the memory access speed but can cause instability) and should be installed AFTER installing CM7.

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hi there im new to flashing, can you teach me the steps on installing the overclock zip file on my v9 with 2.3.4 cm7 installed, coz i bricked my phone once while doing this alone but managed to restore it thru factory firmware.

ty in advance.... :)

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Model Number: light

Android version: 2.3.4

Baseband version: V9B01

Kernel: [email protected]

build number: GB_V9_GENERIC1.0.0B06

Is there any way to root this device? i tried z4/zergrush/doomlord/unlockroot/superoneclick all latest versions but no luck....

when you go inside build.prop the ro.build.type = user

ro.build.user = xuzhenxuan

any help?

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I am so glad I was able to find this forum. I used to hang out at XDA since it help me flash my HTC magician to cotula's rom.

I have a 'virgin' ZTE v9 light that I was hoping to upgrade to gingerbread

Is it possible with the following specs?

Android version:


Baseband version:


Kernel version:

Build number:


I was planning on using CYANOGEN's build but I'm not sure if it will work on it. Btw, my ZTE's still lock to my phone network tho I don't use it much coz I have home internet.

Thanks much :)

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just a quick reply to this topick.....

First of all greetings to all of u developers around the globe from Serbia

yeap the samall country with a lot of bulshit hahahahaha

Regarding this topic...i am a proud owner of one ZTE Lite v9 and i must say since

i found this rom and topick and help i have transformed my device to something i like

even more now.......It's working like a charm

very good work and keep up,didn't have a single error since the flashing and update,and it's

working faster smoother i don't know i am impressed

Full strike for this one and wooww did a tons of flashes mods all sorts of things on different devices

but never smooth like this and without error...excelente

Now i have a Zte Light v9 with this cynogen rom working extra

Edited by dzoni2zr

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