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enable "usb debuging" on crached desire hd (without menu"

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Unfortenately my desire hd is crached, so when i turned it on i have juste a blank white screen with green htc logo, i can access to fastboot but no adb interface, my phone is recognized by windows as "usb mass storage". i need to access adb in order to générate a goldcard.

my questions :

1- is there any way to activate "usb debug mode" with a button combination" or in fastboot mode?

2- Is there any one hwo has the right RUU (i always have incorrect CID !!!) ?

Phone Infos :

version-bootloader: 0.85.0024


version-cpld: None

version-microp: 0438


product: ace

platform: HBOOT-7230

modelid: PD9810000

cidnum: VODAP304

security: off

build-mode: SHIP

boot-mode: FASTBOOT

commitno-bootloader: a3d4fa0f

hbootpreupdate: 11

gencheckpt: 0

region-id: 0

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